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Professional Firearms Trainer 

I started Busting Brass Firearms Training with the idea that I could use two passions I have in life, training people, and firearms to make some money! The initial thought came shortly after my son was born in 2016, and I wanted to find a way to make a little extra money, and hopefully do it with something I enjoy doing. Since then I’ve spent thousands of dollars, and countless hours getting more training for myself, range time and all the ammo!


On top of what was already years of knowledge, and skills growing up around all different types of firearms. All the way from muzzleloaders, to AR 15s, and everything in between. Started out with an NRA Pistol instructor certification, to bring a CPL class to Muskegon. I’m currently working other instructor level certifications for many different types of firearms.  

My number one goal, and main concern is providing a safe training environment. In fact, the only way to fail one of my classes like the CPL Class I offer here in Muskegon, Mi is to have a poor attitude towards safety. Which could include, but not limited to any type of horse play on the range, not listening to instructions on the range, poor trigger discipline, poor muzzle awareness… If by chance I see something, you’ll get one polite warning about the safety rules we went over, if needed will get a second reminder (Definitely won’t be as polite), and by chance there’s a third infraction you will told to leave. This however does not include pointing a firearm a someone, you get a single warning there, and told to leave if it happens again. Again, I can’t stress the importance I place on safety enough, and it’s every one’s responsibility to maintain a safe range.

Beyond that, I want your experience to fun, educational, effective, and challenging! All to build your confidence in defensive use of firearms. My focus is giving knowledge, and skills to become confident, and ready if the need to defend others, or self ever arises. You give me a chance, and you’ll see I not only have a passion for firearms themselves, but teaching about the use of firearms, and what I believe to be a citizen’s right to defend themselves, and or others by any means necessary.