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CPL Class, Personal Defense

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The class is $80, the $40 is only the deposit, you will need to bring the rest with you the day of the class.After completion of this course you will meet state requirements, and recieve the certificate needed to apply for a CPL. Notice: You will still need to apply for the license, you will not be licensed to carry after this class. Contact me for possible discounts before signing up. I do offer group discounts as well! Firearms, and ammo are included, unless you'll be brining your own firearm. then you'll need to bring your own ammo(at least 100 rounds).  

  • Return and Refund Policy

    If for any reason you can't make a class, I can't refund any money, but can schedule you in for a differnt class. Assuming you leave me with at least 3 business days notice, so I can attempt to fill your spot.


    If for any reason I must cancel a class, I will offer a full refund, or again we can schedule you for my next available class date.